Doimin is an acronym not to be confused with domain, it stands for Don’t impress, inspire.
The first two letters of each words spells Doimin. The clothes are as original as the name. Everything on the website is unisex, which means they designed for both men and women.
We are a small Brooklyn based clothing company, I started this company because I was tired of wearing the same thing everyone else was wearing and almost nearly impossible to find unisex apparel that me and my spouse could wear at family events or gathering.
All our designs are very limited. We only make 100 of each design, ensuring that only a 100 people worldwide would have that same item. We do not restock any item as we trying to build a loyal fan base, That takes pride in being original and wearing one of a kind, limited, high quality apparel. So how we say here at Doimin. “Don’t Impress, Inspire!!!